Scrap Collection

Our core business is the collection and processing of scrap metal and non-ferrous and ferrous scrap.

Non-ferrous metal base purchase prices

Colored Metal ENGColor Metal CodeColor Metal Price Lagedi
Copper electrical, clean VASK 2€7,805
Copper usedVASK 3€7,405
Copper paperVASK 4€2,985
Cast metalALUMIINIUM 3A€1,485
Old sheet metallALUMIINIUM 3B€1,315
Vessel, boats (Fe max 2%)ALUMIINIUM 4B€485
Mixed wasteMESSING 1€4,905
Iron free radiatorsMESSING 2€4,585
ShavingsMESSING 3€4,335
LinersMESSING 6€5,155
Stainless stellROOSTEVABA 2€1,155
ShavingsROOSTEVABA 3€985
Zinc alloyTSINK 2€585
Washing machine drums, ship propellers KROOM€315
Electric enginesELEKTRIMOOTORID€815
Lead cleanPLII€1,335
Lead batteryPLIIAKU€650

Black metal base purchase prices

Black Metal ENGBlack Metal CodeBlack Metal Price Lagedi
Scrap and waste from ferrous metal3A€250
Scrap and waste from ferrous metal5A€240
Scrap and waste from ferrous metal12A €220
Vehicle with full equipment12A2 €215
Metal shavings, ferrous metal14A€140
Cast iron7A €240
Steel and cast iron engines, speed reductors, transmissions20A1 €215

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